Smart ways to use cloud computing for your business

There are many small and medium enterprises are deciding to use cloud computing services as an important part of their business strategy. Besides, employees don’t need to take a lot of effort to adapt to the change whenever the company applies some new services because it is quite easy to use. Businesses with cloud computing […]

Is cloud computing good for business?

“Cloud computing” has brought an attractive opportunity for businesses to operate more efficiently, smarter and more cost-effective. The problem is whether businesses dare to apply new technology to management and production and business management or not only? Information about computing cloud Cloud computing can simply understand that huge computing resources such as software, services, etc […]

Cloud server and VPS service: what should you choose?

At the present age, information technology is developing very quickly. That means that the Internet has also grown in proportion to the growth of information technology. Thus, obviously, internet-related services are focused on ensuring security and safety. In particular, Cloud Server and VPS are typical examples. In fact, VPS is a virtual server. And Cloud […]

How to build a successful multi-cloud strategy?

A multi-cloud strategy is the use of two or more cloud computing services. It is true to say that more and more organizations or companies are adopting a multi-cloud strategy. The multi-cloud strategy brings a lot of benefits to businesses. Thus, “How to build a successful multi-cloud strategy?” is a question enterprise need to answer. […]

Multi-cloud and the future of IT transformation

Cloud computing has been an effective way to optimize the storing and processing of data. Nowadays, there are many businesses using multi-cloud instead of only one cloud computing servers. The article below will explain the reasons. Multi-cloud, also known as Polynimbus cloud strategy, simply is the use of different cloud computing servers and applications of […]