With direct user’s active management, cloud computing has proved that it is an incredible tool for data storage and computing power. The article will provide information about the advantages of cloud technology in business.

The use of cloud computing facilitates many tasks of a business’s production, innovation, information analysis and marketing. By creating automation of particular stages, there is no doubt that it is on the demand for every organization.

Efficiency improvement

It is obvious that in the era of information, data has become one of the most important parts of any business. Information process would be facilitated greatly with the use of cloud computing. It is easy to store data and get it from cloud technology as everyone, with the Internet connection, can get access to the information needed.

Cloud computing applications improve a business’s efficiency considerably. Source: onlinecloudinfo.blogspot.com

The cloud has many applications, including email (Gmail only because Yahoo was shut down in 2017), online data storage (DropBox, Box, Google Drive,…),…All these applications help to save many time and efforts. Without cloud computing, for example, Gmail, we have to send a report through the post office, which is not only riskier but also more time-consuming.


Cloud computing helps business to minimize several costs for hardware and software, such as server maintenance, power and cooling costs, software upgrade and maintenance costs, software licensing. This is especially helpful for startup and small businesses whose finance is limited. According to a survey conducted by Microsoft, only 49% of small and medium-sized business uses cloud computing to save their costs.

Data security

Data security is no longer a problem with cloud-based software. Source: PaperTracer

Cloud security consists of different policies, procedures, technologies that work together to protect a business’s data and cloud infrastructure. For those who still doubt about cloud security, in the last five years, nearly 75% of the companies’ R&D budget has been spent on cloud security improvement. While money and innovation flow into this sector increases, better security is no doubt real. Moreover, we are the only one to access our files with credentials, such as password, so others cannot eavesdrop on it.

Effective resource management

As every information and data are collected and stored, cloud computing enables businesses to access these data and focus on running the businesses. Providing access to needed information, cloud technology shortens the time required for particular access from even a day to minutes. The fact that information has become more and more important forces companies to make use of cloud computing to be more competitive.

Successful collaboration

Every business wants to develop strongly, but sometimes they just cannot do this because of the shortage of financial and human resources. This is where the idea of alliance comes from. Cloud-based programs will be useful to improve the combination of businesses, especially for businesses with remote employees.

Using cloud computing, there is no need concerning the different locations. Employees now can send emails with attachments, task lists, reports,…from wherever they are, as long as they get access to the Internet. Some cloud-based services allow companies to hold meetings online, making locations no longer a barrier to collaboration.

Cloud computing has created a total information technology revolution. Companies, therefore, should make use of this incredible technology for their best performance.