“Cloud computing” has brought an attractive opportunity for businesses to operate more efficiently, smarter and more cost-effective. The problem is whether businesses dare to apply new technology to management and production and business management or not only?

Information about computing cloud

Cloud computing can simply understand that huge computing resources such as software, services, etc will be located in virtual servers (cloud) on the Internet instead of in a home computer or office computer. Thus, people can easily connect and use it whenever they need it. Businesses do not need to buy and maintain hundreds, even thousands of computers and software but just focus on production because there are other units that worry about technology infrastructure.

Especially, businesses can easily access any resource that exists in “cloud ” at any time and from anywhere through the Internet.

Cut the cost

In fact, when businesses use Cloud Computing service, especially Public Cloud, the initial investment cost is very low. If the enterprise builds itself a large-scale system, the investment cost will be very huge. They are costs for hardware, power management, cooling system, human resources for operating the system, etc. And such costly projects often need a lot of time to be approved. It has not stopped here, after being approved, that building such a large system is also time-consuming.

At the present age, thanks to Cloud Computing, everything is prepared by the service provider, the enterprise only needs to hire it to be used immediately without having to spend the initial investment.

Cloud computing has brought an attractive opportunity for businesses to operate more efficiently. Source: blog.rackspace.com

One factor that helps businesses reduce costs is that businesses pay only for what they actually use. For resources that businesses have been rented but not used, they do not have to pay. This is really a great benefit for businesses when using Cloud Computing service.


Thanks to the versatility of Cloud Computing, the enterprise system is easily scalable or retractable, depending on the specific purpose. Businesses may start with small size and demand but then expand their scale with increasing demand. Cloud Computing services can be accessed anywhere, anytime via the internet.

Businesses can choose the service provider that best meets their needs with the most reasonable price and quality of service. With Cloud Computing, businesses will transfer most of the responsibility for system control, infrastructure management, security, service quality assurance, etc, to service providers. Thus, businesses will reduce a lot of costs and only focus on the main task of doing business and do not have to worry much about managing and controlling the system.

Cloud Computing provides businesses with the ability to use resources efficiently with low cost. Source: websigmas.com

Using resources more effectively

Thanks to Cloud Computing ‘s elasticity, resources are always used in the most reasonable way, no having situation of wasting or excessing resources. Towards service providers, virtualization technology makes exploiting physical resources more efficient, serving more customers.

Besides, Cloud Computing performs resource allocation according to the multi-tenant model. With the multi-tenant model, a resource can serve many different businesses.

Therefore, cloud computing is very good for business. it provides businesses with the ability to use resources efficiently with low cost; businesses pay only for service providers what they have used.