Cheap Cloud VPS services on the market that you can refer to

Cloud VPS is currently the best method of data storage in the market. There are quite a number of customers who use this service to perform the necessary tasks. To meet that demand, many service providers have started to appear in the market. However, it will be very difficult for you to find a reputable Cloud VPS service provider. Our suggestions below about cheap Cloud VPS services on the market may help you.


Vultr is a cheap cloud VPS service provider. They offer a variety of service packages. At any price, Vultr’s service can meet your needs. The cheapest price of Vultr service is 2.5 USD per month at the present.

Vultr is one of many units providing cheap Cloud VPS services that you can refer to

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Cloudways are also a smart choice for you. However, the price of Cloudways is quite expensive. While using Vultr’s service, you only need to pay about 2.5 USD per month, using Cloudways service, you have to pay at least 10 USD per month. However, undeniably, Cloud VPS service quality of Cloudways is very great. No customer can complain about Cloudways’ service.

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In the field of Cloud VPS, search time and system flexibility are the two most important factors for customers. Among the providers of Cloud VPS services on the market, Host1plus is the unit that meets this demand of customers in the best way. Therefore, since appearing in the market, Host1plus has been quite popular with many customers.

Host1plus services are used by many customers. However, to complete a Cloud VPS system, search time and system flexibility are not all. Our experts will help customers understand better about Cloud VPS.

There are many suppliers in the market. You need to know how to choose a reputable supplier. It will help you find a safe service. From there, your work will improve. So don’t underestimate it! Please refer to some of our units!

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The basic differences between VPS and Cloud VPS

Customers will be easily confused after searching for Internet service packages to support their website, especially between VPS and Cloud VPS. Why do we divide them into such service packs? And what is the difference between VPS and Cloud VPS? All will be shared in the article below.

Differences in organizational mechanisms

VPS is a server divided into many small VPS in the system while Cloud VPS is used in a system that includes many servers. Using many small servers at the same time will limit a lot of risks during operation. This has been learned by many people in the process of using. This is also one of the most basic differences between Cloud VPS and VPS.

Mode of operation of VPS and Cloud VPS

Although both of these services are virtual servers, VPS often operates in the form of sharing resources from the master server, operating system, memory, hard drive…with separate features and configurations.

Using Cloud VPS is safer and more convenient than using VPS

In contrast, Cloud VPS is operated on multiple servers connected to each other. This platform gives users quick access to unlimited supplies. The cost of using depends on deciding of the CPU, RAM, storage and monthly bandwidth. You don’t have to worry about RAM or CPU because if the server is hacked, your data will not be affected. Cloud VPS allows you to expand and improve capacity.

Management capabilities

Between VPS and Cloud VPS, management ability has many differences. While VPS normally does not allow customers to freely launch or install simple procedures, Cloud VPS allows customers to actively install simple tricks. For VPS, customers must send a request to the supplier before proceeding with the task. However, for Cloud VPS, customers can take the initiative in all cases.

Upgrade ability

Customers can upgrade when using VPS service. However, in case The server has run out of resources while upgrading, the upgrade process will be stopped immediately.

With Cloud VPS, reserve resources are very much and always ready to upgrade

With Cloud VPS, reserve resources are very much and always ready to upgrade

Completely different, when customers use Cloud VPS service, the upgrade process will continue. The upgrade process will be transferred from the resourceless server to a new server.

Besides the above comparison, there are some disadvantages between these two services:

With VPS:

  • There is only one operating system and is used by the server.
  • The server has a problem and the parties are affected.
  • If any service on the same system shares non-secure resources. You are also affected.
  • No scalability, if you want you have to buy more.

With cloud VPS:

  • More expensive than regular service.

So that, I think businesses or companies should choose Cloud VPS because of the features as well as stable readiness. Now, Cloud VPS is the trend of users.

Hopefully, our sharing can help you better understand Cloud VPS and VPS. Glad that our sharing contributed an important part to your decision. Consider carefully the above criteria and give your business or organization the right decision!

A cloud VPS or A Dedicated Server : Which is the best choice for your business ?

Choosing the right hosting package can be a difficult process. There are many factors to consider and you may not know exactly what your business needs. It is hard to choose between a Cloud VPS or a Dedicated Server .

In the first place, we should find out what a cloud VPS and  a đedicated server is and benefits of using it.

What is a Cloud VPS?

Cloud  VPS (Cloud Virtual Private Servers) is a system built on cloud cloud computing platform using VMWARE technology. Cloud VPS is a web hosting solution, imagine if a web server can be uptime 99.99% uptime with full redundancy and high scalability. Cloud VPS exist within a parent server so they can be resized, re-imaged, and re-configured for many different needs quickly.                             

The advantage of having the re-sizing function available is that it allows you to expand the capacity and power of your server without having to migrate to another server entirely.  

It is true to say that many advantages of using Cloud VPS for your business such as it can host pretty big websites or sites that receive quite a bit of traffic and handle them quite well, you can use a VPS to store your files and keep them in the cloud. On other hand, because of using a VPS, businesses can share documents or collaborate with many users in one place ,…

Exceptional Features of Cloud VPS

Cost savings

Apparently, Cost savings is one of the top concerns of businesses. Owing to using Cloud VPS, you only need to pay a fee for the parameters you use, such as HDD, RAM or capacity … Thus thus, businesses can save a considerable cost

High security and safety :

One of the advantages that many customers like  and choosing to use Cloud VPS is the safety and high security. When you use Cloud VPS, VPS will be built by multiple physical servers that can be transferred to other servers in the same system. Thus, your information and data are safe.

What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is a remote server that is specifically assigned to a single person.  

A Dedicated Server is a server that is built for your business.  In fact, dedicated server can be used to install anything while a Cloud VPS has limited selections of operating systems for Linux and Windows. Others, however, assert that it takes them a lot of time to set up a Dedicated Server .

Exceptional Features of a Dedicated Server

Exclusive use of dedicated resources

When you have your own server, you get the entire web server for exclusive use. This is a significant advantage when comparing shared hosting versus dedicated hosting.     

You have root access to the server. You can add your own software and configure settings and access server logs. Root access is the main advantages of dedicated servers.

You can run your applications or perform special server security measures. You can even use another operating system from your provider. In short, you can promote your site the way you promote your business – in a flexible.

Improve reliability and performance

Reliability is one of the benefits of monopoly. A dedicated server provides the highest performance and reliability. That reliability also means that server crashes are less likely to occur.

Security through data separation

Dedicated servers only allow access to your company. ingredients of server infrastructure includes firewalls and security monitoring. Thus, This means higher security .

What do people use Cloud VPS for?

However, using Cloud VPS is not easy. In order to use VPS, users need to be fully equipped with certain technical knowledge. However, there are still many people who use Cloud VPS to meet the necessary needs. The question appeared, What do people use Cloud VPS for? What does Cloud VPS give to users that they preference so much?

What is VPS?

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a form of virtual server and created by the complicated method. A physical server will be divided into many different servers with similar features as a dedicated server (running server), running as a shared server from that original physical server. Each VPS is a completely independent system, has a separate CPU part, own RAM capacity, capacity of private HDD, private IP address and operating system, users have full control to manage root and restart Re-system at any time.

Many customers use Cloud VPS but do not know what it is used to do?

So, what is VPS used for?

Today Cloud VPS is widely used in businesses from small business to big business models. But often Cloud VPS is used for the following needs:

Game server

There are many investors, game developers that have low start-up capital. Meanwhile, every new and hot game often attracts millions of visitors every day. The server system that they need must have a huge capacity and processing capacity. Cloud VPS is one of the best solutions for these businesses to invest in their game products before they have enough capital to build their own Data Center.

Multi-service website hosting

Every day some websites such as sales websites, e-commerce websites, forums, websites with high traffic…also need a stable host system. And to focus on investing in our products, they choose Cloud VPS to save the maximum investment costs for servers, management staff, Data Center installation locations… but still have strong server systems to use.

In fact, Cloud VPS is used to perform many archiving tasks

Platform development

Today, the development of technology on smartphones or tablets, smart mobile devices is increasingly widespread. The development of Platforms such as operating systems and applications on the operating system all require a centralized place to store. The common APP today that you use on the phone is one of the most typical examples.

These software always need to have a variety of data types such as:

  • File Setup, software update.
  • Information of users.
  • Transaction history.
  • Images, file storage…

Since then, the development of Platforms always needs a large server. For investors, choosing Cloud VPS is the best form of investment.

Server for corporate email system

Today, businesses also need resources to manage sending and receiving internal email. VPS is also a perfect investment, both reliable and economical.

Running live media programs

Online media programs today also need good storage. Although not too much, the types of archived data always need to be imported and accessed continuously.

Create virtual environments for programming, virus analysis, research

At some companies specializing in scientific products they also need separate storage space for their test applications and products. Building a physical server is quite expensive. Therefore, choosing the form of storage investment through Cloud VPS is the most economical.

Not only that, some companies specializing in image and video processing are also one of the subjects that need to use VPS. They use Cloud VPS with high storage capacity to make investment in a reasonable way without using removable storage devices!

The best Cloud VPS for 2019

To serve individual business or companies needs, people often use VPS (Virtual Private Server). This is a type of standalone virtual computer that is customized depending on the purpose of user and provides many convenience for them. Cloud VPS works similarly but resources are placed on multiple servers. You can refer to the best Cloud VPS for 2019 to choose the appropriate service to use.

Onlive Server – The best Cloud VPS for 2019

This is a quality product produced by the Onlive Server company. The product received many positive reviews from those who used the service. Product deserves to top the ranking of the best Cloud VPS you should use.

About Onlive Server

Onlive Server is a server administrator including VPS Cloud and other IT support services. Products also has Web Hosting are produced since 2008 by quality team from the company.

Onlive Server is an administrator server manufactured by the same name company

Over the course of 10 years of operation, the technical staff received user contributions and comments to improve the quality of Onlive Server to fully meet the needs of users.


Currently Onlive Server works on platforms such as Linux Servers, Hyper-VM, Fedora, Windows Servers, VMware, Scientific, SolusVM, Ubuntu, Plesk and Postfix, KVM, WHM / Cpanel, XEN and storage server 2012, Debian with some other platforms.

This is also one of the advantages of Onlive Server compatible with many different platforms when operating.

Service Description

Onlive Server provides top quality services:

Onlive Server provides top quality services

– Migration Services.

– Setup and management AWS && Linode.

– Setup and management Network.

– Providing solutions hosted Microsoft Exchange.

– Virtualization technology.

– Web Hosting Expertise: Website Panel, Virtual min, Zpanel, WHM/Cpanel, Plesk Panel, Setup and Management ISPconfig panel Server.

Those services ensure information security and optimization is very effective.

Server locations

The company has many servers in many locations around the world, including: Union (USA), Franconville (France), Gelsenkirchen (Germany), London (England), Seoul (South Korea), Milano (Italy), Tokyo ( Japan), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Dubai (UAE), Getafe (Spain), Istanbul (Turkey), Zurich (Switzerland), Oslo (Norway), Moscow (Russia), Bangkok (Thailand).


Onlive Server offers many attractive service packages at the right price. With VPS packages with an average price from 9.00 US $ – US $ 29.00 / month or Shared Hosting package with an average price from 2.00 US $ – US $ 20.00 / month and Dedicated Server The average price ranges from US $ 69.00 – US $ 149.00 / month.

To know the specific service rates for each package, you should contact the consulting team for a complete answer. Besides you are also provided with more information about the promotion of Onlive Server.

Consultation support

Onlive Server has a team of consultants working 24/7 to respond quickly to all questions of users. Users can contact the consulting team through methods such as Skype, Livechat, Email or Phone Support.

For assistance with finding out about Onlive Server and related information, you should contact the consulting team. The staff will advise carefully how to buy products, how to install and how to operate.

How does a Cloud VPS work?

Cloud VPS is one of the best information storage methods today. In the market, there are quite a number of units providing Cloud VPS Hosting services with different quality and price. Users often use Cloud VPS to meet different needs but never wondered about the operating mechanism of Cloud VPS. In essence, the way Cloud VPS works is very simple. So, How does a Cloud VPS work? All will be given in the article below.

What is Cloud VPS?

Cloud VPS (Cloud Virtual Private Server) is also known as private server. It is a virtual server in the field of information technology and built on the computer computing platform today. Cloud VPS is actually provided separately for each user to access.

Those who are allowed can quickly access servers without having to use as many complicated operations as before

Undeniably, at the present time, Cloud VPS is the most effective solution to help us complete jobs in the information technology field. Not only that, Cloud VPS also helps us save a lot of money compared to the conventional methods. It can be said that the appearance of Cloud VPS has brought great changes in this field and step by step promoting the development of this industry.

Accordingly, Cloud VPS has handled many problems that previous servers could not do. It is not unusual when Cloud VPS is used more and more popularly. However, up to 90% of customers currently use Cloud VPS service but do not understand thoroughly the operating mechanism of Cloud VPS. Do you know how does a Cloud VPS works? Why can it bring so many benefits to us?

 How does Cloud VPS work?

Server is a computer containing the necessary files and databases for your website. Whenever users want to access the website, their browser will send a request to the server and it will transfer the necessary files over the internet to their computer. In fact, this machine is a part of physical server but has its own resources allocated from that machine.

Cloud VPS is the solution to help you create a server that works similarly to a physical server

This is possibly done. Hosting provider installs virtualization layer on the server operating system (OS) by virtualization technology. This class will divide the server into different parts and allow users to install their own OS or separate software.

Therefore, it is called the personal virtual server VPS because it is private/personal with virtualization technology, so you have full control as a normal computer. It is separate from other VPS in the same physical computer. In fact, VPS technology is like creating a separate partition on your personal computer when you want to run more than one operating system. For example, VPS technology is like to install Windows and Linux together without having to restart.

Running VPS helps your website allocated fixed resources such as memory, disk space, CPU cores… You don’t have to share it with other users. With VPS hosting, you have the same root access as when you rent a private server, but at a much cheaper cost. So why don’t you use Cloud VPS service now?

The most useful Cloud VPS hosting’s features for users

With all the technological advances in cloud computing today, there are countless services offered that are available to you. Depending on the need to use, cloud hosting services can help enterprises maximize the advantages of themselves by establishing them virtual server can be accessed and connected from anywhere and at any time. Some Cloud VPS options can meet certain needs for different customers. Today, we will find out what Cloud VPS Hosting is? And what is the most useful Cloud VPS Hosting’s feature? Since then, businesses can easily choose for themselves a suitable model.

What is Cloud VPS?

Cloud VPS is a virtual system consisting of simulation hardware running inside a physical machine, also known as the root server. Each root server can contain multiple small servers operating independently of in each server environment. And these small servers are the Cloud VPS.

Vendors often own a large number of root servers with powerful hardware

Because of using on a server, cloud VPS hosting is also known as virtual machines or virtual servers. Cloud VPS hosting has a low resource because each client only uses separate RAM and can only use the resources within a limit. Each VPS will also have operating system, CPU, storage … separately as 1 server, is usually configured and managed separately.

The most useful Cloud VPS’s features for users

For those who already use normal VPS, the following features will show the superiority of Cloud VPS Hosting.

Stability Ability

When something goes wrong, the client will automatically switch to another server in the same cluster connected by the internet.

Due to the server-based operation, stability still depends on the stability of the server

Scalability Ability

Cloud VPS Hosting allows to increase or decrease disk, bandwidth, CPU, RAM capacity according to the enterprise’s usage requirements.

Load Balancing Ability

Cloud VPS Hosting can improve performance compared to conventional VPS when there are suddenly demand for increased traffic, SSL requests or database queries.

Provision Ability

Cloud VPS Hosting provide pre-configured backup templates such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupla, Opencart and many other forms

Storage Ability

Cloud VPS Hosting uses SAN storage – a secure, centrally managed and easy storage solution. With SAN Storage you can:

– Maintain and protect data strictly

– Eliminate the need to maintain different disks.

– Get faster backup bandwidth and high speed network

– Quick and easy access to important data without being limited by geographic location.

– Allocating resources when needed.

– Add more resources as needed because SAN is highly scalable.

Usage Ability

Cloud VPS Hosting is especially useful when testing, providing a test environment for any kind of installation, or applications that are not important and creating virtual desktops.

It can be costly if you want to upgrade while resources can still be limited

Using Cloud VPS Hosting brings more benefits in terms of usage efficiency, cost and management compared with traditional VPS. However, Cloud VPS still has some limitations when using.

As many previous conclusions have been made, the deployment of cloud technology on your storage infrastructure offers benefits that are not simply counted by revenue, but also as a integral part in the development strategy. With each different model, there will be different options. So it is recommended that you can ask the help of a team of experts to make better decisions.

Should we choose VPS, Cloud VPS or Cloud server?

VPS, Cloud VPS and Cloud Server are currently the three most modern methods for data storage as well as other jobs. All three methods are commonly used. However, there are a number of different advantages and disadvantages in these three methods. Depending on the needs and conditions, customers will have different options. The following article is only for comparing good and bad points between these three methods.

VPS VPS, Cloud VPS and Cloud Server?

VPS is the main combination of shared hosting and dedicated hosting. While you are sharing the server with the visitors, you still have a portion of the server resources dedicated to your needs. The rest of the server is shared according to the needs of the site. VPS is essentially a small dedicated server. A VPS can be useful for sites that have large shared servers, but don’t have a separate operating system installed.

VPS is a server that is very familiar to web developers, web designers, webmasters, game developers, programmers

Cloud VPS can be understood as Share Web Hosting. Usually, anyone who has ever used Share Web Hosting understands basically about Cloud VPS. Cloud VPS is jointly used on a server. This server is called a virtual server. Cloud VPS can share and use together from one server but has very low resource limits.

Cloud Server is a virtual server, developed on a cloud computing platform. Basically, Cloud Server and Cloud VPS have many similarities.

At work, Cloud server brings a lot of benefits to users

Should we choose VPS, Cloud VPS or Cloud Server?

Characteristics VPS Cloud VPS Cloud server
Stabilization VPS only works on 1 server. When the server crashes, all the clients are affected. Cloud VPS still depends on the server, so the operation process is sometimes not stable. It is possible to hang up when traffic suddenly surges during peak hours. If there are problems, the clients will automatically switch to another server in the same system. Cloud Server works very independently. Because of the nature of combining multiple physical server clusters together, when a problem occurs, host services will be relocated to another cluster of physical servers.
Management capabilities Customers only have admin accounts and can access them remotely. Customers will have to send requests to the service provider when they want to start or install the tricks on them. The management and administration of customers will have certain limitations. Cloud VPS allows customers to install some simple tricks. The use is more comfortable and proactive. With cloud computing technology, you can manage your Cloud Server anywhere, just have the Internet. Not only that, all administrative operations are simplified, do not require administrators have extensive knowledge of IT.
Ability of extension No scalability. If you want to expand, you must buy more. Upgrading or transferring servers can cost you a lot of time and money. Cloud VPS offers the option to use on a monthly basis, suitable to adjust according to customer needs. So you only need to pay for the part of the service you used.Unlimited scalability. You just need to press the button to have a new storage space with unlimited capacity. How much you use, you pay that money.
Upgrade Ability The ability to upgrade depends on the resources of the server. In the case of an upgrade where the server runs out of resources, the upgrade will also be automatically stopped. Expensive upgrade costs. Cloud VPS can be upgraded comfortably. If you are upgrading, but the server runs out of resources, the upgrade process will automatically switch to another server with full resources. However, the resources are limited because of the amount of RAM separately. The cost is quite expensive if you want to upgrade. Due to the large amount of resources, the traffic is always guaranteed and easy to upgrade when required.
Security level Because of the shared server, when there is any service that shares non-secure resources, there is a risk of affecting other stakeholders on the system. Data of customers are stored independently so Cloud VPS has higher security. Because of the clear separation of storage space, if other services on the same cloud server are infected with malicious code or hacked, your cloud server will not be affected.

As you can see, Cloud Server compared to VPS or Cloud VPS has many outstanding advantages. Just only a disadvantage about its cost. However, if you refer to the current cost of cloud server services, you will realize that the cost is not really much more expensive than the other two services and the real benefits. Your choice depends on you!

Difference between cloud server and Cloud VPS

If you are considering to select internet service for your business, please don’t ignore our below post. Our information will help you better understand Cloud server and cloud VPS. Hope that, you will have a right choice.

Comparison between Cloud server and Cloud VPS

In this era, information technology is developing constantly. Along with this, services related to internet are improved and developed to meet new requirements, especially, data safety and security. To ensure these requirements, one of important matter you need to consider is selecting the right server for your business. There are some types of hosting and server that are popular. But Cloud server and Cloud VPS are now in the first place for many people’s choice. So, why are people interested in them and what is the difference between Cloud server and Cloud VPS? Follow our below post to know more about them.

Cloud server and cloud VPS: which is fit for your business?

All about Cloud server and Cloud VPS for you to explore

Cloud VPS is a virtual server while Cloud server is actual server. But there is a difference here: a virtual server is provided for Cloud server. It means both Cloud server and Cloud VPS have a virtual server.

However we can see difference between Cloud server and Cloud VPS. Here are they:

– Cloud server

Being developed based on the cloud computing platform, therefore Cloud server possesses outstanding features than other types of server, of course, Cloud VPS.

Cloud server is stable because it has larger resource. There is no blockage even if the traffic is large. A large resource is reason why users can upgrade easily when they need. Besides that, it ensure the traffic.

One of exceptional features of Cloud server is easy administration. You can operate the administration simply.

As mentioned above, an important problem in this era is data safety and security. It impacts on many activities of any company or organization. So, when you select server, you have to consider about server security. Cloud Server is a great choice for you because it totally guarantee safety for users. One more time, a large resource is the main factor for Cloud server to be able to control incidents and avoid external risks.

– Cloud VPS

What is Cloud VPS? It is similar to Share web hosting. Cloud VPS allow to use and share from one server.  But, actually, benefits of Cloud VPS is limited than Cloud server. You can see clearly that using on a same server with other branches leads to a low resource. Each virtual server of VPS has its own separate RAM with an operating system, CPU, memory.. In another word, each virtual server is structured as a server. This do allows you to use resources in that permission. You can upgrade resource by spending much money. But upgraded resource is not much and still limited.

Because VPS server is virtual server, so its operations depend on the server. It means sometimes it doesn’t work in a stable way. At peak hours, blockage occurs which make you feel uncomfortable.

With our above information, we think you could make a right decision to select internet service for your business. It is hard to deny Cloud server’s advantage. This bring many benefits for user than Cloud VPS. However selecting Cloud server or Cloud VPS depends on your budget and business’s requirements.

All about Cloud VPS that maybe you do not know

Today, information technology is developing very quickly. That means the Internet is also on the rise with information technology. Obviously, Internet-related services are focused on ensuring security and safety. In particular, Cloud VPS is currently used by many people in daily life. So what is Cloud VPS? What benefits does it give us? Why should we use Cloud VPS?

What is Cloud VPS?

In fact, Cloud VPS (Cloud Virtual Private Server) is also known as virtual private server on cloud computing. According to the conventional interpretation, it is a virtual server form built on the computer computing platform, and granted separately for each user. This allows you to quickly access servers without having to take as much action as before.

Cloud VPS is also a topic frequently appearing in technology forums and seminars

It can be said that Cloud VPS is an effective solution, which helps you to do the job faster and easier, thereby saving more cost than regular VPS. The emergence of Cloud VPS is one of the important steps in the development of science and technology today, Cloud VPS has overcome the limitations that previous types of servers could not do.

The advantages of Cloud VPS should not be overlooked

Convenient in management

Previously, regular VPS commonly only provides customers with an admin account or root. People can access it remotely. However, people can not help them start, backup, reinstall the OS. Now, Cloud VPS has the ability to engrave that disadvantage for customers. When using Cloud VPS, you will be provided with a portal account to proactively start, shut down, backup and reinstall it properly on the system.

When using Cloud VPS, you can take the initiative in any specific situation

Cost savings

Cost savings is also a factor that many people care about. When using Cloud VPS, you only need to pay a fee for the parameters you use, such as HDD, RAM or capacity… Using what service, pay that service will save you more money.

High safety and security

One of the advantages that many customers enjoy and choose to use Cloud VPS is the safety and high security. With regular VPS, if the most high-level physical server is in trouble, normal VPS will also be affected. One of the biggest influences in this case is the loss of all data.

However, when you use Cloud VPS, VPS will be built by many physical servers. These physical servers allow to migrate to other servers in the same system. Therefore, your information and data are secure.

Cloud VPS will help you protect information from any problem

Because Cloud VPS has many advantages, many people use Cloud VPS service to store data. When using this service, customers will have a separate VPS server system. It is used to make game servers, multi-service website hosting, develop Platform, Servers for corporate email systems, run live communication programs, create virtual environments (used to create submission, virus analysis, research, storage of data (documents, images, videos…)

Above are some information about Cloud VPS you may not know. If you are using regular VPS, hope through this article you can choose for yourself the most useful services.