It comes to cloud computing, many people think that it is same as a hard drive for computer. Yes, cloud computing is a kind of hard drive but it have a difference of storing and accessing data over the internet. If your company need to find a cost-effective server in a long-term for your IT system, cloud computing is great choice. So, how will cloud computing affect the future? What is the trends in cloud computing in 2019? Let us show you through below post.

Cloud computing in 2019 – the future of application

More cloud-based applications are launched in 2019

As prediction, 2019 is the year of application on the cloud computing. More and more applications will be launched and available on the cloud. Even, more than a quarter of applications are predicted to be available on that system by the end of 2020. 

Why are cloud-based applications developed much like that? One of reasons are their outstanding features:

– Clients can access these cloud-based applications at anytime from anywhere because data is not confined.

– When you use applications on the cloud, the need for advanced hardware will be reduced.

– Organization, companies now don’t need a set of software for every employee anymore because they can access application through cloud computing system more easily.

Data security on the cloud will still be the biggest challenge in 2019

When more and more companies move to the cloud, cyber attackers on that system also tend to increase. And no doubt that cyber attackers are more and more sophisticated. It is very difficult for companies to protect the connections of devices to the networks. It has required security analysts to be more sophisticated, too. Therefore, it can say that in 2019 security on the cloud continues to be the biggest challenge.

Hybrid cloud – another great choice for companies

There are some types of cloud computing. So, companies well access more than one type of cloud before choosing which is the best for them. Each type has different advantages and disadvantages. To making full transition is not easy for any companies. However in 2019, hybrid cloud solutions are considered as one of the good choices. With hybrid cloud, transition will be less risk. Choosing hybrid cloud, companies access more efficient solutions. And as predicted, hybrid cloud will be the future of the big data.

Hybrid cloud is the future of cloud technology

Cloud computing services and solutions are increased in 2019

Because of outstanding features of cloud computing, there will be an explosion of new cloud service and solutions in 2019 and in the future. Experts predicted that some cloud solutions, for example: SaaS or subscription-based software as a service, PaaS or platform as a service and IaaS – infrastructure as a service will have a greater development in 2019. The growth of PaaS is an evidence for this prediction. This is the fastest growing sector of cloud platform. Even, it is predicted to be grown from 32%  to 56% in 2019.

There are many cloud service and solutions in 2019

We can’t mention all of trends in 2019 of cloud computing in this post, but in general, in 2019 will the time for more changes of cloud computing technology. And they are very important and useful information for anyone who are using or considering to move to the cloud.