VPS is known as a virtual server which is a server service running in a shared form from the main server acting as a server. The administrator (customer) has the highest authority to administer the server. VPS as a solution to reconcile Shared Hosting and Servers both in terms of cost and how to operate, so this is the right solution for individuals or small businesses who want a separate server system, full management with Low Cost.

What can we do with VPS?

VPS is suitable for building Mail Server, Web Server, Backup / Storage Server systems or for transferring data files easily, quickly and conveniently. With VPS, you can easily upgrade resources and recreate the operating system when the system has problems with very fast execution time without completely reinstalling from the beginning.

Benefits of using VPS are numerous. Source: eukhost.com

Today VPS is widely used in enterprises and small business models.

VPS is often very useful for investors, game developers with low start-up capital in investing in their game products before they have enough capital to build their own Data Center. They need server systems with high capacity and processing capability while their investment is quite low.

Another, VPS also promotes its advantages in hosting multi-service websites. With VPS, customers still have a powerful server system to use meanwhile they can save a lot of costs such as investment costs for servers, manager costs, data installation costs, etc.

Besides, VPS is also an effective method of developing platforms for investors.

For enterprises, VPS is a smart investment. VPS is useful for businesses in running live communication programs; creating virtual environments for programming, virus analysis, research; store data: documents, images, videos, etc. Especially, VPS helps businesses save considerable costs.

BitTorrent Syns is a private data synchronization service that allows users to sync data between multiple devices, like Dropbox. Installing this service on VPS will help you create a sync platform that functions like Dropbox but is entirely under your control.

When you are using a public Wi-Fi network and connecting to work servers, you may be in danger of being easily attacked and losing data with these connections. VPS can encrypt the connection between your laptop and the online server and make that connection much safer. Moreover, this method can allow you to link to blocked content in the area.

One of the features which you can do with VPS is that you can develop and test your code. That’s what technical experts like. VPS is really perfect to give you a place where you can run any of your tools. You can easily simulate test environments for your applications or projects. You can easily discover errors and edit them before publishing.

In addition to hosting websites, VPS has many advantages. Source: hosters.pk

Do you have a game or media server and you want to automatically manage or operate? You should run a bot on your VPS. You can even use VPS to set up small chat applications that your users can use to communicate with each other.

Overall, enterprises using VPS can enjoy advantages thanks to the excellent stability of this service. If you want a reliable solution, a pure commercial environment and ensure high growth, with the cheapest price, VPS is a perfect choice.