Nowadays, VPS is a server which is very familiar to web developers, web designers, webmasters, game developers, programmers, etc. No one doesn’t know what it is. However, using high-quality VPS hosting or leasing servers is not as simple as using shared hosting, but it requires certain knowledge and techniques, similar to managing a server (renting a private server).

Some information about VPS server

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a virtual server, the virtual server is created by the method of dividing a physical server into many different servers with similar features as private servers (dedicated server). It runs in the form of sharing resources from that original physical server.

In principle, each VPS hosting is a completely separate system, has a part of its own CPU, its own RAM capacity, its own HDD capacity, a private IP address and own operating system, users have full control of root and can restart the system at any time.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a virtual server. Source:´╗┐

What is VPS used for?

Today VPS is widely used in enterprises and small business models. But often VPS is used for the following needs:

For game servers

Every new game or hot game often attracts millions of hits every day. So, investors, game developers (game servers) need to have a server system with a huge capacity and processing capacity. But many of them start with low start-up capital. Thus, in this case, hiring VPS is one of the best solutions for these businesses to invest in their game products before they have enough capital to build their own Data Center.

Multi-service website hosting

Systems (sales websites, e-commerce websites, forums, websites with high traffic, etc) every day also need a stable host system. However, they choose to hire VPS servers to not only save maximum investment costs for servers, management staff, Data Center installation locations but also still have strong server systems to use.

In fact, VPS is very useful for enterprises. Source:

Development platform

Today, the development of technology on smartphones or tablets, smart mobile devices is increasingly widespread. The development of the Platform as an operating system and application on the operating system requires a centralized place to store. The common APP today that you use on the phone is one of the most typical examples.

This software always needs to have a place to gather various types of data such as setup files, software updates, user information, transaction history, images, archive files, etc. Thus, the development of Platforms always requires a large server source. For investors, choosing VPS hosting is the best investment.

Besides, for enterprises, VPS is also a perfect choice to manage to send and receive internal email. Businesses often use VPS to create virtual environments for programming, virus analysis, research, data storage: documents, images, videos, running direct communication programs at low cost.

All in all, it is true to say that VPS is very useful. Many businesses consider VPS as a perfect form of investment. VPS will be more popular in the future